LoneStar Whiskey Barrels

Welcome to LoneStar Barrels

Where we take aging your favorite spirit to a Nice, Smooth Perfection!

Offering the highest quality in at home barrel aging.  With a handmade custom barrel you can now age your Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Rum and even Tequila. With aging your own spirit, you can now have a more flavorful and higher quality version of your favorite!

With having your own custom barrel, you can now have a great conversation piece and entertain your guests with that perfect beverage.

Looking for that perfect gift and don’t know what to give? With our custom aging barrel, you can now give that perfect gift you have been looking for. Great for giving for any special occasion . With our custom engraving , you can now add your own  image, names and even a special date to to make it your own. Order your custom barrel today.